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Master Lin is NATRUE certified


Master Lin is NATRUE certified. What does that mean?

Since the term “natural cosmetics” is not distinctively regulated, it is very important to us to use a label whose criteria is transparent for consumers. Because we longed for highest quality standards for our natural cosmetics products, a certification was of highest importance. This is how you can be 100% certain that Master Lin is “natural cosmetics”.

The NATRUE quality seal stands for profoundly certified natural cosmetics and guarantees highest product quality, natural ingredients, a soft manufacturing process and environmentally friendly practices. NATRUE is an international non-profit association. In all NATRUE certified products there is a defined minimum amount of natural organic ingredients (essential oils, beeswax, extracts), a defined maximum amount of close-to-nature raw materials (emulsifiers, surfactants, glycerin), no synthetic fragrances and colours, no petroleum derived products, no silicone oils and derivatives, no genetically modified ingredients (complying with eu organic regulation).

The NATRUE label gives comprehensible criteria for raw material quality, origin and processing for maximal transparency for the customer.

NATRUE stands for:

  • Profoundly, certified natural cosmetics
  • Guarantees highest product quality, natural and biological ingredients and a soft manufacturing process of the products
  • Environmentally friendly practices
  • The label is internationally recognized and the organization is not profit oriented
  • products must not be tested on animals
  • After 2 years a renewal of the certificate is necessary

Further information about Natrue and our products can be found in our “frequently asked questions” (FAQ’s).

If you are still looking for more information please go to : http://www.natrue.org/