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1. Can I be absolutely certain that no animal testing is carried out in relation to Master Lin products?

Yes you can!


2. What is the effect of Gold in Master Lin products?

Gold is one of the oldest remedies of mankind. Already Paracelsus used Gold as a universal remedy and also in ancient times Gold was used to protect the skin from inflammation and cool it down when swollen. Today, it is commonly understood that Gold, in a minimum dose, has a regulating effect on the human immune system. Gold possesses a high bio-electrolytic conductivity, so that valuable substances can enter the skin’s cells and unfold fully. According to TCM, Gold stimulates the body’s energy channels and has a balancing effect.


3. What is the effect of Pearl in Master Lin products?

Pearl contains 20 different, autologous proteins and has furthermore a naturally high amount of calcium and amino acids. In addition, it is anti-inflammatory and can be used for both, acute and already damaged skin due to for instance frequent sun bathing, healed acne, neurodermatitis, eczemas and the like. Pearl is important for cell regeneration, regenerates the skin and according to TCM it even heals skin damage. Furthermore the pH value of the skin is restored and age spots are being prevented.


4. What does the pH value of the skin signify and why is it so important for a beautiful appearance?

It is known for the last century, that skin is slightly acidic. For healthy people, the average pH value lies around 5,5. This pH value arises from natural acidic substances from our own bodies – sweat, tallow and horny cells. The significance of the acidic character of our skin is represented in the so-called protective acidic mantle. This mantle creates poor living and multiplication conditions for bacteria, fungi and viruses but at the same time this acidic environment is ideal for normal skin bacteria and thus protects from pathogenic germs. Its duty is to repel negative environmental effects as well as harmful microorganisms and to protect the skin from infections, irritation, allergies and dehydration. Our skin protects our body with a sophisticated defence system that can be destroyed, however, through frequent washing with aggressive substances. Master Lin guarantees the perfect care for the skin since the products are adapted to the pH value of the skin!


5. Master Lin products are developed on the basis of secret formulas. Where do these formulas come from?

The sensational formulas are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a over 3000 years old highly developed medical and healing system. This medical know-how was also applied in Imperial China. In their efforts to maintain their beauty, the court ladies were supported by their personal physicians. The beauty secrets of the Chinese empresses were recording and kept under strict surveillance. The empresses were renowned for maintaining their beauty up to an advanced age with the help of secret TCM formulas.


6. What effect do the Master Lin formulas have?

The holistic TCM system postulates health as harmony and balance of energies. The goal is always to balance the polarities Yin and Yang, the life energy „Qi“ and the 5 elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood) within our body system.

In addition, Master Lin focuses on aromatherapy and works with elements from the fields of spagyric and alchemy. It is not primarily a matter of the single substances, however the balance of the perfectly matched substances is key. In every product there are ingredients of all of the 5 elements. Thus the skin is brought into balance according to the Yin Yang principle. That is why all Master Lin products are suitable for every type of skin and age. The skin takes what it needs and is hence brought back into balance.


7. What does aromatherapy mean?

For thousands of years aromtherapy is being used in all kinds of cultures for harmonising body and mind. Aromatherapy as a holistic therapy regards the human being as a unity of body, spirit and soul. An energetic imbalance is eliminated by fine essential oils and furthermore the immune system is strengthened. Fine essential oils are the soul and life energy of a plant. Master Lin combines both the healing effect of these essential oils with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Pleasant fragrances do not only magically attract us, they also intensify the ingredients in Master Lin products through their sensual scent. In addition to creaming, salutary fragrances like lavender, patchouli and rose balance and relax body, mind and soul over the nervous system.


8. What does Yin Yang stand for?

One of the key concepts of TCM is the polarity of Yin and Yang. This polarity is attributed to the observation that in nature everything is based on a dynamic shift and the interaction of opposed elements.

These are depicted graphically by the shape of a circular monad. Yin, the female principle, is depicted as dark half of the circle while Yang, the male principle, is depicted as light half of the circle. Yin and Yang represent this universal process of an ever-changing reality in a symbolic way. Day would not exist without night, winter not without summer, rest not without activity and darkness not without light. When taking a closer look at these polarities, one realizes that Yin and Yang are opposed to each other, however need each other in order to exist. All functions in our body have a share of both Yin and Yang, an imbalance always causes discomfort. The aim is harmony and balance between these two principles!


9. What does Qi stand for?

Qi signifies the fulfilling life energy. Even though it is formless and invisible, according to TCM it is constantly perceptible and intuitively comprehensible. Our understanding of Qi is closest related to the terms life energy and elemental force. Qi flows through the entire body by means of meridians and penetrates our environment. As long as Qi can flow freely, the human being is healthy and body and soul are in balance. If the flow is blocked, however, diseases and illness follow.

In order to achieve a harmonizing effect, the selected ingredients of Master Lin products were carefully matched to one another. Consequently Master Lin balances body, mind and soul and the life energy Qi can flow freely.


10. What exactly are meridians?

Meridians are channels in the teaching of TCM in which the life energy Qi is flowing. According to this, 12 main channels exist, where the starting and end points are found in hands and feet. Every meridian is assigned to a functional circuit (organ system). The meridians and the encompassed acupuncture-points can be influenced by pressure (acupressure, massage), acupuncture, warmth or gymnastic exercises and breathing exercises. Master Lin products allow an activation of these mentioned points. In particular Master Lind Gold Balm is suitable for these purposes.


11. What are the 5 elements?

In China the number 5 is known as the number of life and is represented through the 5 elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These 5 elements are accompanied by 5 phases of transformation that are, according to Chinese philosophy, assigned to time sequences, seasons and also growth and development phases of human beings. Particular focus is set on harmony, peace and balance.


12. What is spagyric?

Spagyric is a holistic natural therapy that is based on the basic principles of alchemy. Alchemists were looking for ways to extract the most effective parts of plants, the therapeutically applicable substances. Spagyric is based on the following principle: in a number of laboratory steps a fine-matter, highly efficient energetical remedy is developed from a natural raw material.


13. How are Master Lin products being conserved?

For conserving Natrue certified natural cosmetics, only nature identical conservers can be used. All conservers that are allowed at Natrue have a natural basis and natural occurrence; however parts cannot be extracted from their natural source sufficiently due to the standard of techniques. These conservers are being referred to as semi-natural.


14. Do we use Glycerol?

Yes we do use glycerol in Master Lin products. The glycerol used is only from vegetable origin, which is also a pre-requirement for the NATRUE certificate.

The only product without glycerol is the body & face oil.


15. How can I dose the products with the pump dispenser correctly?

Use the dispenser with a slight touch and not with full power. This way you can dose the amount of the product perfectly.


Questions about NATRUE


1. What does the Natrue certificate mean?

The NATRUE quality seal stands for profoundly certified natural cosmetics and guarantees highest product quality, natural ingredients, a soft manufacturing process and environmentally friendly practices. NATRUE is an international non-profit association. In all NATRUE certified products there is a defined minimum amount of natural organic ingredients (essential oils, beeswax, extracts), a defined maximum amount of close-to-nature raw materials (emulsifiers, surfactants, glycerin), no synthetic fragrances and colours, no petroleum derived products, no silicone oils and derivatives, no genetically modified ingredients (complying with eu organic regulation), products must not be tested on animals, proof of origin of every single raw material and recertification is necessary every 2 years.


2. Why is not every product Natrue certified?

Due to the uniqueness of certain products and also due to the preferences of our clients we decided to leave some products just the way they are for now.


3. Which other brands are Natrue certified?

A small sample of brands that are also Natrue certified: Dr. Hauschka, Primavera, Sante, Belmar, Kneipp, Weleda, La Ric, Bi Good, Declaré, Dr. Scheller, Janssen Organics, Ombia Naturkosmetik.


4. According to Natrue, there is a defined minimum amount of natural organic ingredients. What are natural organic ingredients and how high is the defined minimum amount?

Natural organic ingredients are ingredients from nature that have a proven effectiveness. Examples are essential oils, various extracts, bee’s wax, medicinal herbs etc. Every product certified with Natrue must have a minimum amount of 80% of natural organic ingredients.


5. According to Natrue, there is a defined maximum amount of close-to-nature raw materials. What are close-to-nature raw materials and how high is the maximum amount?

Close-to-nature raw materials are being extracted from natural products in simple steps. An example is Glycerin. It is being used in cosmetics as an aiding substance in order to improve the consistency of the product. In nature, Glycerin does not occur isolated however. If fats are being split, however, Glycerin is being formed as a side product and can be used as a close-to-nature material. The maximum amount of such close-to-nature materials in the Natrue certification is 20%.


6. Why did Master Lin chose the natural cosmetics certification and not the organic cosmetics one?

An organic cosmetics certification is easier to implement with uncomplicated cosmetic products whose ingredients are mostly from Europe, however gets more and more complicated with highly complex TCM formulas. Since Master Lin is working with highly complex formulas, extraordinary ingredients (such as tiger gras, reishi mushroom, angelica root or witch hazel – partly coming from the Far East) and with up to 50 different ingredients per product, an organic cosmetics certification cannot be undertaken.